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Wedding in Puglia the perfect location for you wedding in the South of Italy

Once you get to see Puglia with your own eyes you fall in love with this region forever.

Apulia, or Puglia in Italian, with it’s amazing sea-to- sky views:

clear blue water and stunning white-sand beaches is also rich in local flavour.

Scenic landscapes and pristine nature blend here with the
traces of beautiful baroque history and truly Italian spirit. Located at the heel of Italy’s boot, this
southern region is stretched along the Mediterranean sea. There are many comfortable villas
and hotels that can accommodate any number of guests. If you prefer celebrity-style chic
wedding, you may want to explore the Borgo Egnazia Resort, where Jessica Biel and Justin
Timberlake tied the knot. But no matter which venue you choose, your guests will remember
your wedding in Puglia as the wonderful vacation, the time for which they said goodbye to their
daily lives and dived into beautiful Italian culture and laid-back lifestyle.

Beach Wedding

There is a good chance you are already inspired by the romantic beach wedding photos, just
think for a moment that you and your fiancee could get even better ones. How beautiful would it
look and how incredible will you feel when repeating your vows standing so close to the sea!
Italian law requires couples to get married in church or in city hall, but because Puglia is not yet
crowded by tourists, you may be able to arrange an additional symbolic ceremony on the beach
after the official marriage procedure.
Another good reason to choose Puglia for your wedding is the weather. It gets warm early in the
southern part of Italy. The average temperature in March is around 20 degrees.

Wedding in Puglia – Gastronomy

Apulia is famous for its’ wine and olive oil. This region is actually called “wine cellar of Europe”.
While you are here you and your guests will enjoy Italian kitchen, which means not only pizza
and pasta, but also seafood, lasagna, cheeses, local fruits… the list can go on and on. Make
sure to drink plenty of local coffee and eat a lot of ice cream too.

Wedding in Puglia – Attractions

Perfect white-sand beaches are located in Salento Area. But although they are beautiful, this is
not the only reason to opt for wedding in Puglia. Puglia is still developing as a tourist
destination, but for a curious traveller this region has a lot to offer. Trulli zone, the area in the
city of Alberobello, has even been declared UNESCO World Heritage site. Trullis are unique
conical houses that you won’t find anywhere else. Bari is another town that deserves attention, it
is the biggest town in Puglia and has a lot to amaze you. There is very interesting historic centre
with narrow streets, and also a lot of bars, restaurants and shops, not to mention scenic
promenade, old castle and the Church of Saint Nicolas. The Castel Del Monte is also a must-
see attraction in Puglia. It was build in 13th century and has unusual octagonal shape. The
Baroque city of Lecce is a place in southern Puglia that deserves attention as well as the small
seaside towns.
Puglia which still can be called undiscovered region is great for a very special and very Italian-
styled celebration. Couples come here to feel the enchanting atmosphere of Puglia, discover
stunning postcard-like views of the sea, taste delicious gastronomy and wine, and enjoy visiting
ancient cities. Your guests will keep perfect memories of your Wedding and so will you and your

If you need more information on how to find the right wedding photograper in Puglia contact me Here


How to get married in Italy a step by step guide for US citizens

An easy step guide to follow on how to get married in Italy

If you are looking for something more interesting than traditional wedding at your local church,
Italy is a perfect destination.

The country of amore with it’s scenic locations is a popular choice
among American celebrities. George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin, Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes,
Emily Blunt & John Krasinski, Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake — they all chose romantic Italian
cities for the wedding ceremony. But you don’t have to be a Movie Star to tie the knot in Italy.
I’m going to tell you what exactly do you need to do.

1.Choose a destination

Whether you prefer scenic lake view, beach wedding or romantic historical landscapes, you are
able to find all of that in Italy. So your first step is to decide in which city you would like to get
married. Next, contact the authorities of the city or talk to the Priest who will marry you. Although
most rules are the same state-wide, there are some differences between city laws. Double
check the list of required documents and ask if the banns posting requirement can be waived.
There is a provision that once Italian couple decides to get married, the announcement should
be posted in the town hall for a certain period of time (from several days to two consecutive
weeks). But since you and your spouse-to- be are not Italian residents this rule may be waived.

2. Gather your documents

In the US

First of all, you need to have passports and birth certificates with you. If this is not a first
marriage for you or your spouse, then an evidence of termination of the previous marriage is
also required. All the documents need to be translated into Italian by a certified translator and
verified by Italian Consulate. You will also need an Atto Notorio from both the bride and the
groom — an oath sworn that you are allowed to get married under US law. The sworn has to be
made in front of two witnesses and Italian consul if made in the USA. If you have any questions,
consular employees might be able to help you. They usually are very friendly and respond to
emails well, so locate your nearest consulate and don’t be shy to ask.
Your last step in the US is to get an Apostile stamp on your original documents and translations
in order for your documents to be legally valid in Italy. The Apostile can be obtained from the
Secretary of State in the State the documents were issued.

In Italy

Other documents required by Italian law are Nulla Osta Form, this form confirms that you are
free to get married, and Declaration of Intentions. After arriving in Italy you will have to visit the
nearest Consular Section and sign the Nulla Osta form in front of the Consul. The Declaration of
Intention to Marry is usually required by Civil Registrar and needs to be signed at least two days
before the wedding.

3. Enjoy the wedding of your dreams!

Italian landscapes and city views are perfect for an amazing wedding photoshoot, these are the
memories to be kept forever! Whether you choose a classic church ceremony for your nuptials
or prefer a civil marriage, both are fairly easy to arrange here in Italy. Italian law requires that
you bring two witnesses to the ceremony. If no one in your group speaks Italian, an interpreter is
Here is a tip: if you don’t want to bring witnesses with you and your dream is to run away with
your future spouse and have a quiet marriage, you can ask your interpreter and a photographer
to witness at the ceremony.

italian photographer

Italian Wedding Photographer how to choose the right one?

Italian Wedding Photographer

Your wedding day, will without a doubt,be one of the happiest days of your life.

Choosing the right  italian wedding photographer for your wedding becomes a very important decision to make.

Declaring your commitment to the one that you love, whether alone
or surrounded by family and friends, they are moments that you will want
immortalised forever. You will look back on those images for years to
come as they remind you of the blissful elation, deep love and absolute
joy that you felt on that day, even after your memories fade.
When it comes to choosing the right wedding photographer it is absolutely crucial
to select someone who you feel can capture those magical moments from
your special day. With the latest technology almost anyone can take a
decent picture, but this is your wedding day and you deserve to have
stunning images that take your breath away.
Far too many people look back on their wedding photographs with regret.

Perhaps in an effort to save money they have opted for a low budget
photographer, who has produced devastatingly low quality images. Poor
lighting, unflattering angles, missed crucial moments. Any of these can
contribute towards a post-wedding heartbreak. You need to be sure that
you select a photographer that treats your special day as if it were their
very own.

Choosing an Italian wedding photographer or a photographer for any
destination wedding can be especially tricky if you factor in that there
may be a language barrier. Many photographers in Italy are unable to
speak fluent English, and with compromised communication how can you
be certain that your requirements are understood and interpreted
correctly? I highly advocate selecting one of the few photographers who
can communicate in fluent English and as such can be trusted to capture
some of the most important images of your life.

Here are some of my other top tips for selecting the right Italian wedding

  • Start looking in plenty of time. You don’t want to feel rushed into
    making an impulsive decision, not do you want to miss out on your
    first choice of photographer because he is already booked.
  • Do your research. Any good photographer will have an extensive
    portfolio that demonstrates the quality and style of their work.
    Shortlist those which have portfolios that contain photographs that
    fit with the style and approach that appeals to you.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions – as many as you like! Getting to
    know your photographer is essential and a great photographer will
    happily answer any questions that you may have. Any quality
    wedding photographer will also ask you questions about you and
    your vision for the day in order to provide exquisite images that
    reflect your essence and personalities both as individuals and as a
  • Discuss your specific requirements. Every wedding is unique and
    your photographer will need to know every single element of your
    day that you would like captured in order to ensure that your
    expectations are not only met, but exceeded. Many photographers
    offer timed packages – 4 hours/6 hours/8 hours, but these may not
    fit in with your requirements. If they don’t, ask for a bespoke
    package to be created that is tailored for your specific requirements
    and ensures that you have the coverage that you need, whether
    that is for one hour or twelve.
  • If you plan on displaying your photographs in an wedding album, on canvas
    or presented in any other way, arrange a time where you can see
    samples in person to inspect their quality. This way you can rest
    assured that however you choose to present your images they will
    be breathtaking.
  • Pay attention to how a photographer behaves. You can gauge how
    professional a photographer is by how they respond. A great
    photographer should reply promptly, courteously and make you feel
    valued and important. As photographers, it is a real privilege to be
    able to capture some of the happiest moments in peoples’ lives. If
    your photographer doesn’t make you feel like that, then they may
    not be the right choice for you.

I am always honoured to be able to photograph a wedding and contribute
towards making those precious memories that last a lifetime. If you would

like to talk to me about photographing your Italian wedding, please
contact me HERE

how to choose the right weddin photographer

What to ask for the wedding photographer

Finally, the fateful marriage proposal has come: a special day that will unite your lives making you one body and one soul.

How to choose the right wedding photographer for you big day?

But how to seal what will be the most beautiful day of your life? Choosing a wedding photographer can be difficult if you do not know who to turn to, and you also do not know what questions the photographer should do for marriage, afraid of choosing a professional who can not answer your needs?
Let’s see what steps to take and advice on choosing a wedding photographer.
Evaluate the different photo styles: traditional for those who love to go classic and decide to lay canonicamente, reportage for those who hate to pose and want to capture all the spontaneous expressions of the day, glamor for those who want to feel model and look for advertising style with the ‘ with lights and special effects.

Photographic techniques change depending on the result you want to have, so it’s good to know what to ask a photographer, without looking for closed eyes.
Another important factor for choosing the best wedding photographer is the quote and what it includes.
Not all professionals work the same way and what is expected for one might be unconventional for another.
For this reason prepare in advance a pro-memory on what to ask for the wedding photographer.

For example: how is the album? What is its size? How many pages? What is included in the photo service? Are there accessories?
Ask all wedding photographer questions, only in this way you will clarify the doubts and you will be able to design the perfect plan for shooting your big day.

If you are poor in ideas, why not admire photographs of famous wedding photographers? Very often their style is different from the average of Italian photographers, and drawing from their portfolio can be a winning idea, so choose a certain amount of shots and themes by showing them to the photographers you chose, asking if it is in their strings to shoot that type of shooting.

If you have other ideas about photo location, expose them to find the photographer’s availability and find information about the transfer, municipal concessions for location, and any licenses.

Post-production is also a common topic, almost all photographers modify the photos during the retouching phase to improve or erase any defects.
Some spouses make requests to erase tattoos, insects, or defects in particular, while others do not want an accentuated post-production. In this case, whatever the position of the couple, it is good to say it in advance to prepare the photographer and avoid bad surprises in the album.

Once a list of possible candidates has been approved, the time has come. How to Choose a Wedding Photographer?
By extending the various points mentioned above, the choice will be intuitive.
A great quote, choosing a book that suits your tastes, the style of photos you have chosen or that you have always wanted to join the economic side. The latter is important but not primary. Do not forget that that day is unique, it will not be repeated and as such deserves the best professional possible to steal the most beautiful moments and impress them forever in your memory.